ZArchiver Download for Android Devices for Free

Zarchiver Download Pro Mod Apk is an excellent app that has plenty of features. ES-Team developed this new version of the app to provide the best experience possible for their users. ZArchiver Download Pro can help you share files with whoever and wherever you like. It gives complete control over your content and data, so it’s perfect if you want to protect your files from theft.

The Uninstall feature removes all traces of the app if you want to uninstall it. It supports Multiple Languages. If there’s a problem with the software, we can contact the developer from within the application itself.

Zarchiver Download Pro is a powerful & stylish solution for managing your Android storage and files. You can explore the content, download from any cloud services or connect to them, all with a polished interface that makes it easy to use. Not only can you use AI tools to speed up your workflow, but you can also save time by organising files into new folders or sorting them according to name, size or date.

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Zarchiver Download Features:

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  1. Zarchiver Download can Create encrypted archives that you can’t open without a password
  2. Use a password to extract files from the archive.
  3. Compress files in the archive by choosing to compress the subfolders as well (you can choose not to if you wish)
  4. You are editing files inside archives
  5. Protect your data by encrypting it and compressing all the files into 1 folder.
  6. Show thumbnails for images when viewing them in Total Commander
  7. With a multi-volume archive, it can take hours and hours to extract just one part. With ZPAK, you can extract any desired part of the archive with just one command. How’s that for efficiency?
  8. This Zarchiver Download lets you view the contents of an APK file without having to extract it.
  9. Password protecting archives
  10. Control over the compression ratio
  11. 7Z-archived files are supported.
  12. Works with any storage that allows standard instant USB access
  13. Zarchiver Download is Multiple languages supported
  14. You could also go to the top right of your screen and tap the overflow icon to open a menu where you will see a Create Zip Files option.
  15. Use it as a file manager! On the main screen, you’ll find tabs that let you switch between different functions. One of those will let you use it as a file manager on your device.
  16. Preview Files