Candy Camera

Candy Camera is an awesome app that helps you capture the best moments and experiences of your life either in the form of pictures of videos. It is packed with a bunch of cool features, catering to the needs of a wide section of society. The app interface is very simplistic, with a few icons at the top and bottom of the screen, lying on a pristine white background.

Features of Candy Camera

In Photo and Video mode, by simply swiping on the screen from top to bottom, you can change between the front and back cameras. Then by swiping laterally you can shift from one filter to another with ease. Of course, if you get tired of swiping, you can directly tap on the filter button next to the shutter button, and you will be provided with hundreds of filters to choose from, under various categories such as Premium, Natural, Indie, Mood, Retro, Pop, travel and many more.

Then next to the filter button you get the Beauty button, which is there to enhance the beauty and characteristics of your face in any way you desire. There are four main sections that you can alter, namely Face, Eye Nose and Mouth.

In the face section, you can alter the width of your face, you can sharpen your facial features, whiten the skin or redden it even, slim your face, or make it smaller, change your hairline, cheekbones and jawbone.

This Android camera has Eye section allows you to enlarge your eyes, increase the brightness and even remove the dark circles under your eyes. You can change the length and width of your nose in the Nose section, and the Mouth section allows you to change the size of your lips and whiten your teeth.

There are many alternatives to this Android camera. For example, B612, YouCam Perfect, HD Camera App and more. You can try those Android cameras too.

Best sticker collection

You will find the sticker button to the immediate left of the shutter button. This sticker button gives you the option of applying stickers onto your images or videos even before you tap on the shutter. You have a plethora of options to choose from, catering to your various moods and desires of that particular moment. You have stickers of cute animals, props and even text, in so many colors and shapes.

Next to the sticker button, you have the Album button, which takes you to all the images and videos on your phone, from where you can share, delete or edit these images or videos. When you tap on the edit option you are provided with a set of tools to make your picture or video the best it can look. At the top of the screen, you have some other tools, such as the timer, flash, aspect ratio, and so on.

Install Candy Camera on Android TV

Candy cam allows you to capture attractive and nice photos using your Android TV web camera. There are lots of ways to install Candy Camera on your TV. Best and easiest way is to use a third-party TV app store like AppLinked or FileSynced. First download and install FileSynced apk on your Android TV. Then go to FileSynced dashboard and create a free account. Create a FileSynced store and you will receive a FileSynced code to access your store. Download Candy Camera apk and upload to your FileSynced store. Use your FileSynced code on your Android TV to install Candy Camera for free.